Rentals, Group Rates & Corporate Events


All American Segway offers segway rentals at the following rates. Rentals are only available Monday - Friday and only at our Lakeland location (350 St. Croix Trail S. Lakeland).
  • $40 - 1 hour rental
  • $70 - 2 hour rental


All American Segway offers trike rentals at the following rates. Rentals are available at all our locations.
  • Recumbant Trike Rental: 1/2 day $40.00 Whole Day $60.00
  • Tandem Recumbant Trike Rental 1/2 day $70.00 Whole Day $100.00


3 Hour Tandem Trike Rental, with Bocci Ball and $10.00 gift certificate for ice cream - $80.00


Company events - We would love to be a part of your next company outing. We can bring between 4-10 Segways. We also rent out our Segways for use in Parades. The rates are the same for both and they are:

Up to 2 hours

 2 Segways - $100.00
 4 Segways - $180.00
 6 Segways - $250.00
 8 Segways - $310.00
10 Segways - $350.00

Up to 4 hours

 2 Segways - $160.00
 4 Segways - $300.00
 6 Segways - $400.00
 8 Segways - $500.00
10 Segways - $600.00

Delivery charge of $10.00 will be applied and $1.00/mile after the first 5 miles.

A rate of $10.00/hr will also be applied for our labor costs.

Please reserve as far in advance as possible.

If you are renting Segways for Parades, we highly recommend 4 hours so you don't go over your alotted time. If you go over your alotted time, we charge $30.00/hr/Segway.


Private tours consist of your personal group with a guide. We have conducted tours that include dinner, a special route, a birthday party and can add virtually anything else that would make your trip unique for you. For more information and pricing contact us at or call 507-206-0988.

Keep us in mind!

All American Segway is always looking for new places to showcase our Segways. Let us know about your local fair or festival. We would love to bring the excitement of Segway riding to your town.

We offer 10 minute rides for only $5.00!

Freedom Fest in Austin, MN